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Static Analysis of Airborne Structures and Units

The first step of substantiation of an aerospace structure, airborne unit or its installation is the static analysis of the load carrying structure.

In general, the analysis is based on a Finite Element Model (FEM) simulation, in which the structural components are applied with the relevant critical loads.

The FEM results are then examined and analysed in order to optimize the structure for:
1. Cost effective structure.
2. Minimum weight structure.
While ensuring its structural integrity.

ROM uses SIMENS NX-NASTRAN FEM solver and FEMAP pre-post software for FEM simulation.


When required, detailed hand calculations are used for specific failure modes in typical aerospace structures.
All detailed procedures used in ROM are well established procedures in the aerospace industry based on known and acceptable references.

Non-Linear analysis is used to evaluate the behavior of a structure with large deformation or material non linearity. Also, non-linear analysis is used to predict the structure’s buckling and post buckling behavior.

ROM specialises in analysis of composite structure, taking into account the design and manufacturing considerations while relating to typical failure modes. 

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